2016 Reynolds Campaign

Art direction and design of Reynold’s web and social advertising for their mountain bike, triathlon, and road categories.

2016 Mobius Campaign

Personal involvement included the product photography, art direction, and design. This campaign launched the company’s new size offerings to the public.

2015 Reynolds Campaign

Art direction and design of Reynold’s print ads for mountain bike, triathlon, road, and product-specific directives.

2015 Mobius Campaign

Art direction for this campaign was headed by Shane Kinman. The design uses personal, handmade textures and washes to create a campaign focusing on the involvement of star athlete Ryan Villopoto.

2013 Dakine “Trusted” Campaign

Ads for Kelly Underwood and Chris Benchetler, showcasing their head-to-toe product line. The art direction of this campaign was by Justin Mooney at Dakine.

2009 Orage Campaign

Developed under the art direction of Frederic Dorais, the “Constant State of Change” ad campaign was designed and applied throughout the visual identity for the season.